Monday, January 16, 2017

Belle's House

I have a dream with a very powerful purpose...

I slept like a rock through the nightmare from 1971-2003, with little brief disturbances in between nudging me, trying to wake me up, which I ignored, i was comfortable there, the nightmare was all i knew.

I was awoken with a jolt in 2003; i started writing out a program specifically for women who were addicted.  The program was being  designed to help women go through the Human Metamorphosis process, but i wasn't sure  how it ended.

 So I fell back asleep and returned to my nightmare.

I was shaken awake again in 2007; I got up and continued to design the program i had started in 2003, before i knew it, my eyes were getting heavy, i tried fighting off  sleep, but i didn't have the strength.

I fell back asleep and returned to the comfort of my familiar nightmare.

My alarm went off in 2014, I dusting off my notes from 2003 & 2007 and proceeded to complete my offering to all of the women suffering from addictions. Which is now complete, and will be the core foundation program being offered to our clients who go through our 6-12 month residential treatment program at Belle's Recovery House.

 We are all so much bigger than our addictions and limitations.  Once we understand what an addiction is, how the brain functions while in the addiction cycle, and how it works very hard to maintain that addiction, we gain clarity and the addiction looses it's power.

When light is shown into the darkness, the only remaining experience is light.

So why have we chosen addictions that leave us alone, on our knee's out in the pouring rain, screaming at the top of our lungs, and begging for change?  That is another very interesting question, the only way to know the answer is to find an opening into yourself, and jump in.

It was my past who made me who I was;  it is my responsibility today to change me into who I want to be.

Welcome to my world of change and infinite possibilities,

Tammy-anne Deslongchamps
Director of ProgramsProgram Director@ Belle's RecoveryHouse
Part of Belle's Foundation of self realization
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